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yo yo yo, cuties! i’m abby and this is my first follow forever! /it took me long enough/ /it looks kinda cluttered i was rushing /sorry/

yesterday was my 3 year anniversary since i joined this addictive site which is why i’m doing this. since then, i’ve made a lot of beautiful, sweet, and caring friends. you all know that i care for you and wish you the best with everything. i would like to thank all of my followers for following this piece of poop blog, you’re all so lovely /heavily sobs/

i’d like to thank everyone i’m following for being so perfect and for filling my dash with laughter sunshine all the time. i would absolutely love to be friends with everyone but i’m really boring and idk how to continue conversations very well orz 

and for those of you who’ve just followed not too long ago, welcome and enjoy i guess c:

you should follow all these rad people cuz they’re hella rad

bolded - mutuals (idk why you follow me omg but thank you so much)

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everyone here is a senpai (notice me;;)

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a few messages:
  • to kwangnnin: one of my best friends, my big sister, i wish you the best in everything you do. i’ll miss you so much you have no idea. good luck, unnie! FIGHTING! bb loves you~
  • to janeyoliver: i’m really sorry i missed your birthday. i still feel really bad about it and we don’t talk anymore. i miss you, lovely~ 
  • to waiissi: congrats on the bae! we need to talk again sometime soon, lu. 
i apologize if i made any mistakes i was busy ;u;  i’m really sorry if we’re friends and you aren’t on here. there has been quite a few url changes, so unfortunately i can’t find some of you. ya know, if you aren’t on here, no worries! you may be on the next one c: thank you all so so much. i can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me. tumblr….can be a great place. you just have to find the right people c; 
see you again in a month or two? idk yet, but see ya! love you all 

ohmydarlingluhan asked:

Hii! Can i ask for a exo reaction where luhan brings home a short cute yet shy girl which is his girlfriend. and she hiding behind luhan when he brings her to the exo dorm XDDD THANKYOU! ^0^/


Yo man sorry for taking to long to make your request but here it is. hope you’ll like it

Sehun: *gif talks for himself*


Kai: *stares cutely at her*


Tao: *comes in to the room* Ahhhhhh there’s a crazy fan behind Luhan hyung. don’t worry hyung I will protect you!*wwushu mode on* Everybody(say):NOOOOOOOOOOO


D.O:*hears the phrase “Luhan brought a girl home” from the kitchen*Luhan did what?I need to see this with my own eyes!


Chanyeol: *can not contain his feels when he sees how cute she is*AH SHE’S SO CUTE *strangles the closes member to him* Suho:What I did to deserve this?


Chen:*takes lots of photos* This day will go down in history and I need proof to show my kids that THE DAY had happened!


Baekhyun: *goes near here* Aigoo you’re so cute! Let oppa pinch your cheeks!


Lay:I am the only one who thinks she looks like Luhan?


Suho:I hope you didn’t bring her here to “show her your room” if you know what I mean! Remember that the walls are thin…..


Kris: *tries to make conversation*


Luhan: I knew I shouldn’t have bring her here! Baekhyun stop bitting her finger she’s not food!


Xiumin: I’m not a target anymore!I’m free!!


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